April 23: Lenawee reports 79 confirmed COVID-19 cases; state says there are 80

There is a one-case difference between figures reported on the Lenawee County Health Department website regarding confirmed coronavirus cases and those listed by the state. The county states 79 cases, the state reports 80. However, the state’s report is posted three hours after the county, but there was no formal reason states for the discrepancy.

The Health Department’s figures reflect a two-case increase over Wednesday with 42 males, 37 females making up the 79. There are seven residents hospitalized; 43 people monitoring symptoms at home; and 29 who have discontinued isolation and are improving, the county website stated.

In addition, the Health Department lists 12 “probable” cases – six males and six females – none of whom are hospitalized. Seven of them are monitoring their symptoms at home and five have discontinued isolation.

As of 3 p.m. today, there still had been no deaths reported in Lenawee County.

Statewide, there are now 35,291 confirmed coronavirus cases among Michigan residents, and 2977 of those people have died. There was an uptick of daily confirmed cases at 1325, with 164 new deaths added to the state toll. However, 55 of those deaths were added after a review of “vital records and testing data.”

In neighboring counties, Hillsdale has 98 cases, 12 deaths; Jackson County has 298 cases and 14 deaths; Monroe County has 285 cases with 10 deaths; and Washtenaw County has 960 cases with 42 deaths. These figure do not include prisoners, according to michigan.gov.

Detroit City has 8317 cases with 799 deaths as of today; followed by Wayne County with 6677 cases, 597 deaths; Oakland with 6634 cases, 567 deaths; and Macomb County with 4862 cases, 493 deaths.

Ohio now has 14,694 total cases including 552 “probable” coronavirus cases There have been 656 deaths including 38 deaths that are probable COVID-19 cases under the CDC expanded coronavirus death definition. There are 2960 hospitalizations.

Lucas County, which is home to Toledo, Ohio, just southeast of this area has seen its caseload advance to 936 cases with 347 hospitalizations and 55 deaths. Fulton County, south of Lenawee, has 18 cases, five of whom are hospitalized, but none of whom have died.