April 26, part II: Michigan sees state daily coronavirus cases, deaths decline

While it is impossible to know if these statistics are because of the weekend or an actual trend until weekday COVID-19 statistics are posted, the Sunday, April 26, statistics reported on www.michigan.gov shows a marked decline in new daily cases and deaths from earlier last week.

The daily case count was 575 Sunday and 562 Saturday, at least half of the new daily cases reported over much of the past week; and the death count Sunday was 41 statewide, compared to 189 Saturday (which did include 58 reclassified deaths identified by the Michigan Disease Surveillance System). And most of those 41 new deaths came from the Metro Detroit area with 10 in Detroit City, 10 in Wayne County, eight in Oakland County, and three in Macomb County. The added daily cases from those municipalities totaled 260, with 135 of those cases reported in Wayne County, 65 in the city of Detroit, 57 in Oakland County and just three in Macomb County which now has 5203 total reported cases and 520 deaths as opposed to Detroit City with 8613 cases and 922 deaths. Wayne County has 7135 total cases and 658 deaths, and Oakland County has 6928 COVID-19 cases and 520 deaths.

The overall number of coronavirus cases stood at 37,778 cases Sunday with 3315 deaths statewide.

Lenawee County remained at 82 confirmed cases, but its probable caseload rose by two to 14. There are still no deaths officially attributed to the coronavirus in the county.

In surrounding counties, Washtenaw County actually showed one less case than Saturday with 1001, and 50 deaths (no additional); Hillsdale County added four cases for 113 cases and held at 14 deaths; Monroe County added six cases rising to 273, and one more person died for a total of 12. Jackson County reported four new cases for a total of 327, but its death toll remained at 16.

Over the stateline, Ohio now has 145,963 cases including 603 probable cases by CDC expanded guidelines, 3178 hospitalizations, and 728 deaths, including 41 deaths classified as such by CDC expanded guidelines, according to Ohio’s state coronavirus website.

Lucas County registered a marked increase to 1104 cases, which is a gain of 71, 375 hospitalizations, and 59 deaths, which is no increase from Saturday. Fulton County also remained at its Saturday level of 19 cases and five hospitalizations with no deaths there attributed to COVID-19.