April 30: Second Lenawee County death attributed to coronavirus

The Lenawee County Health Department has reported a second death attributed to COVID-19, according to its mid-day report Thursday. No further information on that death was provided.

All told, the county reported 92 confirmed cases (the state, later in the day reported 93), with 49 males and 43 females. Three people from the county are hospitalized at this time; 42 are monitoring symptoms at home; and 45 people have discontinued isolation. The health department reports there are another 20 “probable” cases, with 11 males and nine females. None of the probable cases are hospitalized, but 12 are monitoring at home and eight have discontinued isolation.

Statewide, there are now 41,379 coronavirus cases in Michigan, with 3789 deaths. Today, there were 980 new cases confirmed in the state. New deaths were reported to be 119 with 40 of those added after “a review of vital records and testing data.” Also, 8342 Michiganders have reportedly recovered.

With increased testing, today’s total positive cases represented 12.5 percent of the 7927 tested. That is down considerably as a percentage and up as a total in testing from the week of April 6 when percentages of positive cases ranged from 29.2 percent to 46.3 percent with roughly half the tests being administered at that time as compared to current testing.

In Ohio, there were 18,027 total cases including 742 identified by the CDC expanded definition; and 975 deaths, 77 of which were identified by the CDC expanded guidelines.

In Lucas County, there are now 1251 people who have been diagnosed with the coronavirus, with 401 hospitalizations and 117 deaths.

Other neighboring areas are reporting the following statistics: Hillsdale County, 125 cases and 17 deaths; Jackson County 364 cases and 22 deaths; Monroe County, 287 cases and 12 deaths; and Washtenaw County, 1075 cases with 61 deaths.