Blissfield Fire Dept. gets much support after station fire

The outpouring of community support of the Blissfield Township Fire Department has been tremendous.
“We have had so many offers for help, it’s overwhelming,” Chief Dale Fruchey said at the Dec. 11 Blissfield Township Board meeting.
That night was the first monthly meeting and training session for firefighters since the Saturday fire.
“Tonight we are meeting at Coach Light Estates,” he said. Both Riga and Palmyra fire departments have offered their facilities for training and meeting purposes if need be.
“It will be a week-by-week situation until we can get back in our own station,” he said.
Contractors and insurance claim adjustors have been combing over the Blissfield station and looking at equipment and vehicles this week.
It has been a very tough and busy week, Clerk Nancy Cranor said. She has watched Fruchey deal with it.
“He has been so calm I am very proud of him as chief,” she said.
The fire department has moved all of the drivable vehicles to Blissfield Manufacturing. They now have a pumper truck from Morenci and an ambulance from Addison in service. Hoses and ladders were to be tested on Saturday at Adrian Fire Department.

For Melissa Burnor’s complete story, please see the Dec. 19, 2018, edition of The Advance. For three stories and many photos from the actual fire, please see the Dec. 12, 2018, edition.