• May 12: Lenawee County holds at two deaths from coronavirus, 1 new case

    As Michigan’s death rate from the coronavirus has come down (25 Sunday, 33 Monday and 90 today which includes 19 deaths reclassified as COVID-19 deaths), Lenawee County health officials report still two total deaths during the pandemic.

    The case count rose by one in the past 24 hours to 129 which reflects 68 males and 60 females. Four Lenawee residents are hospitalized, one fewer than Monday’s Lenawee County Health Department report. The number of people who have discontinued isolation jumped by five to 71 in the last 24 hours and the number monitoring at home also dropped four to 52. There are 33 probable cases, an increase of three since Monday, with 15 males and 18 females. None of these people are hospitalized, but 13 are monitoring their symptoms at home and 20 – three more than 24 hours ago – have discontinued their isolation.

    Michigan now reports a total of 48,021 total coronavirus cases since the first was diagnosed, and 4674 state residents have died. Today, there were 469 new cases and the 90 deaths, of which 19 were added after a review of death certificates.

    Neighboring counties are looking more stable as well. Hillsdale has 152 cases and 22 deaths; Jackson has 401 cases and 26 deaths; Monroe County has 399 cases and 18 deaths; Washtenaw County have 1206 cases and 82 deaths. In these counties, there have been two added deaths in the last 24 hours.

    Lenawee County is part of a nine-county Region I up the center of southern Michigan which showed only three percent of tests coming back positive on May 10 (24 positive/786 negative), 4.1 percent on May 9 (43/1002) and 3.4 percent on May 8 (39/1118) as of numbers reported today. There are numbers added in over coming days as tests are reported.

    Ohio, just over the border, has a total of 25,250 cases today with 4539 hospitalizations and 1436 deaths. Lucas County, where Toledo is the largest city, has had 1836 cases, 490 hospitalizations and 179 deaths. Fulton County, just south of Lenawee County, has had 32 cases, six hospitalizations and zero deaths.

  • May 8: Lenawee County COVID-19 case count up by six to 126

    The Lenawee County coronavirus case count has risen by six to 126 as of today, May 8. Of those, there are 67 males and 59 females with four hospitalized. However, 58 are monitoring their symptoms at home and 62 have discontinued their isolation process, according to the Lenawee County Health Department.

    Probable cases in Lenawee now tally 29 with 12 males and 17 females, none of whom are hospitalized. Twelve are monitoring their symptoms at home and of the probable cases, 17 have discontinued their isolation process.

    Michigan now has reported 46,326 coronavirus cases with 4393 deaths attributed to the virus. Today, there were 680 new cases and 50 deaths in the state attributed to the pandemic. The death count was down from 93 Thursday, during which 38 prior deaths were added to the count upon review of death certificates.

    On Friday, Region I, which includes Lenawee, Hillsdale, Jackson, Ingham, Clinton, Eaton, Gratiot, Livingston and Shiawassee counties, had a positive test percentage of 4.3 percent May 5, which was up from 3.6 percent May 4, according to the May 8 report. However, the testing was up dramatically – the highest testing date since data began being kept. There were 1453 negative tests in the region and 65 positive across the nine counties.

  • May 6: Lenawee Co. at 114 cases of coronavirus

    There have now been a total of 114 cases of the coronavirus and two have died from it in Lenawee County since figures began being kept in March. Tuesday’s total was 110 cases so four new cases have been confirmed.

    Of those 62 are males and 52 are females. There are 50 people currently monitoring symptoms at home and 58 have emerged from isolation. Four people remain hospitalized. There have been another 30 people deemed “probable” COVID-19 cases on the Lenawee County Health Department website with 12 males and 18 females. None of these people are hospitalized, but 14 are monitoring symptoms at home and 16 have discontinued isolation.

    In the state, there are now 45,054 identified cases via lab tests with 4250 deaths. The daily new case count is 657 with 71 deaths of Michigan residents reported today, up from Tuesday’s death count of 44, which included eight deaths added by a review of death records in the state.

    The Detroit area is seeing fewer deaths being added to the total counts. Detroit city rose from 9424 Tuesday to 9536 today with 18 new deaths which brings the total in the city to 1126 today. Wayne County’s total cases rose from 7967 Tuesday to 8035 today and saw 10 new deaths for a total of 847; Oakland County’s total cases rose from 7522 Tuesday 7573 today with two new deaths for a total of 774; and Macomb County’s total cases rose from 5789 to 5832 today and added 15 deaths for a total of 662 today.

    Lenawee County’s neighbor counties are reporting the following numbers: Hillsdale County up from 137 to 138 and the death toll remains at 21; Monroe County up from 327 to 354 with two more deaths for a total of 15; Washtenaw County added only six new cases for 1129 with 77 deaths (one death added in 24 hours).

    In Ohio, the total is now 21,576, up from 20,969 Tuesday. There have been 4052 hospitalizations and 1225 deaths, up from 1135 Tuesday.

    In Lucas County (Toledo area), there are now 1527 cases with 450 hospitalizations and 151 deaths, up from 133 Tuesday.

    Fulton County has seen a case uptick to 30 cases with six hospitalizations and no deaths.

    Lenawee County is in Region I of Michigan which is the lower center slice of the state. Its testing on May 4 showed only 3.8 percent of tests given to be positive (32 of 836). This is reflective of a steady decline of the percentage of positive tests. The Detroit area is running around 9 percent positive right now, according to which also shows Region I having reduced daily cases as May gets underway. Those were adjusted today, but here’s what was reported for the multi-county Region I: May 5, 7; May 4, 26; May 3, 16; May 2, 23; May 1, 12; April 30, 32; April 29, 27; April 26, 37.

  • May 1: May arrives with uptick in Lenawee County coronavirus cases

    The month of May arrived in Lenawee County where 98 residents now have been confirmed as having COVID-19, up from 92 Thursday (according to county figures, and 93, according to state statistics).

    The 98 include 54 males and 44 females. There are four county residents hospitalized at this time, with 43 monitoring their symptoms at home. There are now 49 people who are out of isolation, up four from Thursday. In addition, the Lenawee County Health Department, which reports the aforementioned statistics, reports there are 22 “probable” cases among 11 males and 11 females, none of whom are hospitalized. There are 15 people monitoring at home (up three from Thursday) and seven who have discontinued monitoring (down one from Thursday).

    The Lenawee County death toll remains at two.

    There are many charts and graphs of statistics on the coronavirus page. Lenawee County is part of Region 1 which includes these counties: Clinton, Eaton, Gratiot, Hillsdale, Ingham, Jackson, Lenawee, Livingston and Shiawassee. As of the end of April, Region 1 shows 137 patients discharged, 40 in critical care, 21 on ventilators and 72 inpatients. The website shows Promedica Hospital in Michigan has 15 COVID-19 patients at this time with 11 in ICU. That would indicate there are patients there from other areas as the Lenawee Health Department shows four Lenawee County residents hospitalized.

    The statewide website says there are 2690 active coronavirus cases in hospitals with 942 Michiganders in ICUs.

    The Detroit area today shows a marked decline in the number of newly reported deaths. Detroit City saw an increase of five deaths today; Macomb County had nine additional deaths; Wayne had 15 additional deaths; and Oakland County reported nine additional deaths. Just Tuesday (April 28), Wayne County added 18 deaths, Detroit City added 38 deaths, Oakland County had 24 additional deaths, and Macomb County had 45 additional deaths.

    Statewide, Michigan is reporting 42,356 cases with a total of 3866 deaths since the coronavirus hit. There were 977 daily new cases and 77 daily deaths Friday

    Neighboring Michigan counties had the following statistics today: Hillsdale County 127 cases (up two) and 17 deaths; Jackson County had 381 cases (up 17 cases) and remained at 22 deaths; Monroe County had 296 cases (up nine) and remained at 12 deaths; Washtenaw County had 1091 cases (up 16) and had an increase of five deaths to 66 overall.

    In Ohio, after a jump in deaths for the Toledo area that showed up midweek, the number steadied at 119 with no increase from Thursday for Lucas County. There are 1297 cases in Lucas and 421 hospitalizations. Fulton County did have an increase to 24 cases with six hospitalizations and no deaths.

    Overall, Ohio now has 18,743 cases (including 781 “probable” cases added through the CDC’s expanded guidelines, 3634 hospitalizations, and the death toll exceeded the 1000-fatality mark to 1002 Friday with 80 listed as probable per the CDC’s expanded guidelines.

  • State launches ‘Robin,’ an online COVID-19 assistant

    News release from the Michigan State Police

    LANSING — The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) has launched Robin, a new automated online assistant that can help Michiganders easily access the latest and most trusted information about the COVID-19 pandemic.

    “Information around this outbreak is changing rapidly and there’s a great deal of misinformation online,” said Robert Gordon, MDHHS director. “Robin, our new chatbot, is an easy, interactive way for Michiganders to get their question answered without frustrating wait times. Every moment counts in our fight to increase awareness and education and slow the spread of the virus.”

    The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted normal operations for many State of Michigan resources. Robin will provide a centralized, first line of response to common inquiries. This will help reduce confusion and frustration, and make it easier to find answers.

    The online assistant will also help to reduce calls to the COVID-19 hotline, which means decreased wait times for those who have more complicated questions and need to speak to a staff person. Since March 14, the COVID-19 hotline team has answered more than 26,000 calls.

    How does Robin work?

    Developed by IBM, the chatbot interprets user questions and directs the flow of the conversation by providing the most likely and informed response. Robin searches for the information it needs to respond to questions based on the rich database it is built upon. It can also help identify gaps in service and information to more efficiently address needed resources.

    For any questions that cannot be answered, Robin will direct users to email or call the COVID-19 hotline at 888-535-6136, which is available seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Public health and other experts answer health-related questions about COVID-19, and can also direct residents, providers and others to resources in their local communities.

    Note that Robin and call center staff cannot provide individual clinical advice or a diagnosis. If you believe you have been exposed to COVID-19 and are symptomatic, call your health care provider. If you do not have a health care provider, call the nearest urgent care center and ask about COVID-19 testing. Those who are experiencing mild symptoms and believe they have been exposed to COVID-19 can be tested.

    Visit to find the nearest testing site.

    Information around this outbreak is changing rapidly. The latest information is available at and

  • April 30: Second Lenawee County death attributed to coronavirus

    The Lenawee County Health Department has reported a second death attributed to COVID-19, according to its mid-day report Thursday. No further information on that death was provided.

    All told, the county reported 92 confirmed cases (the state, later in the day reported 93), with 49 males and 43 females. Three people from the county are hospitalized at this time; 42 are monitoring symptoms at home; and 45 people have discontinued isolation. The health department reports there are another 20 “probable” cases, with 11 males and nine females. None of the probable cases are hospitalized, but 12 are monitoring at home and eight have discontinued isolation.

    Statewide, there are now 41,379 coronavirus cases in Michigan, with 3789 deaths. Today, there were 980 new cases confirmed in the state. New deaths were reported to be 119 with 40 of those added after “a review of vital records and testing data.” Also, 8342 Michiganders have reportedly recovered.

    With increased testing, today’s total positive cases represented 12.5 percent of the 7927 tested. That is down considerably as a percentage and up as a total in testing from the week of April 6 when percentages of positive cases ranged from 29.2 percent to 46.3 percent with roughly half the tests being administered at that time as compared to current testing.

    In Ohio, there were 18,027 total cases including 742 identified by the CDC expanded definition; and 975 deaths, 77 of which were identified by the CDC expanded guidelines.

    In Lucas County, there are now 1251 people who have been diagnosed with the coronavirus, with 401 hospitalizations and 117 deaths.

    Other neighboring areas are reporting the following statistics: Hillsdale County, 125 cases and 17 deaths; Jackson County 364 cases and 22 deaths; Monroe County, 287 cases and 12 deaths; and Washtenaw County, 1075 cases with 61 deaths.

  • April 29: Lenawee County sees three new confirmed cases; two more probables

    The coronavirus count of confirmed cases climbed to 91 Wednesday and the “probable” list grew by two to 20 in Lenawee County.

    Of the 91, there are 48 males, 43 females and two are hospitalized. There are a total of 43 Lenawee residents monitoring symptoms at home and there are now 45 who have discontinued isolation – an increase of five today. The number of deaths among Lenawee residents remains at one.

    The probably count in the county is now 20, with 11 males and nine females believed to have COVID-19. None of them are in the hospital, but 12 are monitoring their symptoms at home and eight – an increase of two – have discontinued isolation.

    The state numbers of confirmed coronavirus cases exceeded 40,000 today – 40,399 – for the first time. The death toll rose by 103 to a total of 3670 Michiganders who have lost their lives to COVID-19. The additional deaths was a lower number than Tuesday.

    In surrounding counties, Monroe had another seven cases for 284 with 12 deaths; Jackson had nine new cases for 351 and one more death (19). Hillsdale County saw its death toll rose to 17 and its case count rise by three to 121.

    In the Detroit area, there are 8957 cases in Detroit City where 1008 Detroiters have lost their lives 7537 cases in Wayne County with 719 deaths; 7159 cases in Oakland county with 668 deaths; and 5430 cases in Macomb County with 597 deaths.

    In Ohio, the case county is up to 17,303 with 702 cases added by expanded CDC guidelines, with 3421 hospitalizations. There have been 937 deaths in Ohio which includes 138 deaths included under expanded CDC guidelines.

    Lucas County now has 1208 cases with 392 hospitalizations. The Ohio figures said Lucas had 68 deaths on that date. Fulton County saw its count rise to 21 cases with five hospitalizations and zero fatalities.

  • April 28: Lenawee has 88 coronavirus cases; one death

    After reporting that Lenawee County’s first death from the coronavirus had occurred Monday in a 31-year-old woman, the Lenawee County Health Department reported Tuesday, April 28, that there were now 88 confirmed COVID-19 cases and another 18 probable cases in the county.

    Of the confirmed cases, 47 are males, 41 are females. Two are hospitalized – one of the lowest hospitalization rates in weeks – and 45 people are monitoring their symptoms at home. All told, 40 people have discontinued isolation and are improving, the health department reported.

    Of those deemed probables, 10 are males, eight are females and none of the probable case patients are hospitalized. Twelve are monitoring symptoms at home and six people with probable cases of coronavirus have discontinued their isolation process as of Tuesday.

    Statewide, there were 160 deaths reported Tuesday on, which includes 40 deaths added after a review of death certificates by the Michigan Disease Surveillance System. Overall, there have been 39,262 confirmed cases in Michigan with 3567 deaths. The daily new-case count of 1052 was an increase from the past few days.

    Surrounding counties are reporting the following cases and death tolls: Hillsdale 118 (up four) and 16 deaths; Jackson 342 (up one) and 18 deaths; Monroe, 277 (up two) and 12 deaths; and Washtenaw, 1033 (up 29) and 56 deaths (up one).

    The number of deaths increased by the following numbers in the hard-hit metropolitan Detroit area: Wayne County up 18; Detroit City, up 38; Oakland County, up 24; and Macomb County, up 45.

    In Ohio, the total case count of 16,769 includes 641 probable cases as designated by the CDC’s expanded definition, with 3340 hospitalizations, and 799 deaths, 42 of which were included by the expanded CDC definition.

    Lucas County, home of Toledo, Ohio, is reporting 1166 cases since numbers began to be kept with 388 hospitalizations. The Ohio coronavirus website reported 66 deaths in Lucas County on that date. Fulton County, which stood at 19 cases for several days, has added one case and still has had five of its residents hospitalized with COVID-19.

  • April 26, part II: Michigan sees state daily coronavirus cases, deaths decline

    While it is impossible to know if these statistics are because of the weekend or an actual trend until weekday COVID-19 statistics are posted, the Sunday, April 26, statistics reported on shows a marked decline in new daily cases and deaths from earlier last week.

    The daily case count was 575 Sunday and 562 Saturday, at least half of the new daily cases reported over much of the past week; and the death count Sunday was 41 statewide, compared to 189 Saturday (which did include 58 reclassified deaths identified by the Michigan Disease Surveillance System). And most of those 41 new deaths came from the Metro Detroit area with 10 in Detroit City, 10 in Wayne County, eight in Oakland County, and three in Macomb County. The added daily cases from those municipalities totaled 260, with 135 of those cases reported in Wayne County, 65 in the city of Detroit, 57 in Oakland County and just three in Macomb County which now has 5203 total reported cases and 520 deaths as opposed to Detroit City with 8613 cases and 922 deaths. Wayne County has 7135 total cases and 658 deaths, and Oakland County has 6928 COVID-19 cases and 520 deaths.

    The overall number of coronavirus cases stood at 37,778 cases Sunday with 3315 deaths statewide.

    Lenawee County remained at 82 confirmed cases, but its probable caseload rose by two to 14. There are still no deaths officially attributed to the coronavirus in the county.

    In surrounding counties, Washtenaw County actually showed one less case than Saturday with 1001, and 50 deaths (no additional); Hillsdale County added four cases for 113 cases and held at 14 deaths; Monroe County added six cases rising to 273, and one more person died for a total of 12. Jackson County reported four new cases for a total of 327, but its death toll remained at 16.

    Over the stateline, Ohio now has 145,963 cases including 603 probable cases by CDC expanded guidelines, 3178 hospitalizations, and 728 deaths, including 41 deaths classified as such by CDC expanded guidelines, according to Ohio’s state coronavirus website.

    Lucas County registered a marked increase to 1104 cases, which is a gain of 71, 375 hospitalizations, and 59 deaths, which is no increase from Saturday. Fulton County also remained at its Saturday level of 19 cases and five hospitalizations with no deaths there attributed to COVID-19.

  • April 26: No new confirmed coronavirus cases in Lenawee County, but two more probable cases reported

    The Lenawee County Health Department’s statistics regarding presence of COVID-19 locally showed no changes on the 82 cases reported Saturday, April 25. However, there are two more “probable” cases in the county.

    The “probable” category reflected its increase of two to 14 as seven males and seven females. None of them are hospitalized. Nine are monitoring their symptoms at home and five had discontinued isolation, according to the health department website, early Sunday afternoon.