Salt brining of roads topic of Palmyra Twp. special meeting

PALMYRA — Due to recent public comment and question on application of salt brining on Palmyra Township roads, a special meeting was held to discuss the issue Tuesday, July 15. With the summer season progressing and the fall season creeping up, the Palmyra Township board examined the benefits of applying salt brine to roads in the township. Treasurer Dale Terry said the application of salt brine to the road, especially on gravel, allows the gravel to harden up, hold together and makes it less possible for flying road debris and dust. The application is also effective during and before the winter months to combat possible snow and ice hazards. Palmyra Township Supervisor Jim Isley said he made contact with Mission Chloride Sales (MCS) to discuss options and costs of salt brine applications as compared to estimates provided by the county. The contract price from MCS totaled $11,626.75 with the county going $12,182. According to township clerk Angie Koester, the county’s list of road repairs has Palmyra as one of the bottom townships on the list in need of repairs. “We’re lower on the list,” Koester said. “I have mixed feelings on it.” Terry said that the application and scraping are quite necessary if the township wants to have it completed before summer departs. “Time is the essence on this project if we do it,” he said. After further discussion among the board members and audience member Jim Leonard, Trustee Steve Papenhagen made a motion to approve a contract with the road commission. Terry supported the motion on the basis of the county scraping the road and the township paying for the scrape out of their maintenance funds. “It’s their ball game,” Terry said. As more discussion ensued before a vote on the Papenhagen motion, Isley said he had sent an email to MCS on Friday, July 11, inquiring about proper brining procedure. A Monday morning response to the email by the company said they would start scraping Tuesday morning. Terry and Leonard both said they saw workers scraping by 7 a.m. Tuesday morning, despite the township never actually requesting the scrape be done. “It would be interesting to see what they would have done if we had turned this down since they already began the scrape,” Papenhagen said. Following discussion, the vote on the Papenhagen motion was carried 3-2 with Isley and trustee Perry Pooley voting no on the county’s contract. Isley said that he would get in contact with the county regarding more questions pertaining to the project. The current total the township would need to pay at the start of the project is $4,263.96. In other Palmyra Township news:

• Two millages are slated to be on the August primary ballot. One four-year, one-mill renewal on the ballot for the funding of the Palmyra Township Fire Department on a $100,000 home with a taxable value of $50,000 will create an increase of $50 per year for that taxpayer. Millage number two supports the upkeep and maintenance of the U.S. 223 cemetery in the township and is a .2-mill, two-year levy. On a $100,000 home with a taxable value of $50,000, the added tax comes out to about $10 per year.

• At the regularly scheduled July 10 meeting, resident Norma Clement expressed concerns with the burning of trash in the village areas of the township. Pooley motioned that Isley create a letter for village residents that describes the Michigan State burning regulations and have it sent to their homes. Terry supported the motion with both Isley and fire Chief Paul Rohlan needing to sign the document. The Pooley motion carried.

• Repairs to the annex roof of the fire hall community room was put in motion by Papenhagen. Terry supported the motion with a contract from Mission Home Improvement to replace the roof per a quote of $1,200. The motion was unanimously approved.