Sept. 2: Adrian College outbreak adds to rising Covid-19 numbers in Lenawee County

The coronavirus numbers are climbing in Lenawee County, according to the Lenawee County Health Department and From Aug. 31 to Sept. 1, the local numbers registered an increase of 31 new cases, from 524 on Monday to 555 on Tuesday. Then today, the county reported 579 cases, but the state’s official website reported 587 cases on Sept. 2, which would be another 32 cases.

In sifting through those numbers on the state website, those high numbers actually reflect earlier tests for which results are just coming back on these two days, and the numbers are spread back in days including and since Aug. 24.

On Sept. 1, the health department in the county reported that 256 cases or 48 percent of the cases they had at that time were active cases, meaning the patients are either monitoring at home or hospitalized. That number rose to 280 today. The last two days’ Lenawee County reports have shown four county residents hospitalized with Covid-19.
“Many recent cases are among individuals age 18 to 24 years of age, with the most notable increase in this group occurring the last week of August,” stated a news release from the Lenawee County Health Department Sept. 1. “The following data shows the number of cases among the 18- to 24 year- old group during the month of August:
August 1-8 4 cases
August 9-15 7 cases
August 16-22 3 cases
August 23-31 57 cases
“Many of these cases are associated with students returning to local colleges and universities,” the release continued. “The Health
Department is currently working closely with both Adrian College and Siena Heights University to address outbreaks at these facilities. Adrian College has reported 152 total cases of COVID-19; 139 active cases and 13 recovered. Siena Heights University has reported two positive COVID-19 cases; both active cases.”

Due to the timing of when results are referred to the Michigan Disease Surveillance System, not all Adrian College COVID-19 cases were reflected in Lenawee County’s count Sept. 1.

Statewide, there are now 103,710 cases confirmed with 6509 deaths, including 14 today. There were 524 new cases reported today in the state.

Monroe County saw its death toll climb to 27 today with 1186 cases; Hillsdale has 280 cases/26 deaths; Jackson County has 830 cases/39 deaths; and Washtenaw County has 2615 cases with 114 deaths. Lenawee County’s fatality toll remains at 13.