Blissfield’s water unlike that of Flint

By Melissa Burnor

Metals leaching from lead or copper pipes is not likely to be a situation customers of the Blissfield water plant would find in their drinking water.
In recent months the City of Flint has come under fire due to high lead levels in children believed to be at least in part a result of the municipality’s switch from the Detroit water supply to the  Flint River.  Both the Michigan Attorney General’s Office and the federal government have launched investigations seeking to find out who is responsible and if any laws have been broken .
Village Administrator James Wonacott said the village does the same state required tests for lead and copper that all municipalities furnishing water in Michigan must do.
“We have never had a problem,” Wonacott said.
Wonacott said the River Raisin, Blissfield’s drinking source is much more alkaline than the Flint River and has a higher PH. Sometimes the water has to be treated to bring the PH down.
However, the water is still treated with polyphosphates which combats the effects of corrosiveness in the water.

For the complete story, please see the Feb. 10, 2016, edition of The Advance.