All quiet at Blissfield Schools after ‘May 5’ post

By Melissa Burnor

A couple of notes posted last Wednesday at Blissfield High School with the date “May 5” on them led to some speculation on their meaning by students which resulted in a police investigation that afternoon to ensure there were no threats against the school.

According to a release from the Blissfield Village Police, some students began speculating that there was going to be a school shooting Thursday, May 5. The notes that were allegedly posted out of the view of any surveillance cameras on the premises had no other markings.

Officers from the Blissfield Police Department, Lenawee County Sheriff’s Department and the Michigan State Police with assistance of the Blissfield School District, conducted interviews on the evening of May 4 and concluded that only rumor was being circulated around the student body and there was no merit for a credible threat. Village police had a presence at the school Thursday in an effort to alleviate any concerns of the school community. Two troopers from the Michigan State Police post also were present Thursday morning as a courtesy.

“Our attendance was down a little last Thursday, but there were other factors as well, “ Blissfield Superintendent Jerry Johnson said. ‘”I think most high school students understood that ‘May 5’ written on two pieces of paper did not necessarily translate to safety issues at school,” he said, ”administratively, however, we look in to everything and believe it is better to err on the side of caution.”

For the complete story, please see the May 11, 2016, edition of The Advance.