April 15: No confirmed COVID-19 deaths in Lenawee yet; 56 confirmed cases

Lenawee County has yet to report a confirmed death attributed to the novel coronavirus as of Wednesday, April 15. The confirmed-case count upped by three to 56 with 27 males, 29 females and six hospitalized. There are 31 people with coronavirus monitoring symptoms at home and 19 are now out of isolation and improving, according to the Lenawee County Health Department website which provided these figures.

Statewide, there was a positive sign when the new cases again dipped to 1058 new cases from 1366 new cases Tuesday. This is more in line with the Monday daily-new-case count of 997.

In Michigan, a total of 28,059 are among those counted with COVID-19. One thousand nine-hundred twenty-one people have died of the virus. Today, 153 Michiganians lost their lives to COVID-19.

Lenawee neighboring counties are faring as follows in Michigan: Hillsdale County has 81 confirmed cases and nine have died; Jackson has 195cases and eight have died; Monroe County has seen an uptick in the past week to 211 confirmed cases and nine deaths; and in Washtenaw, home of Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, 798 residents have been diagnosed with the coronavirus and 24 have died.

The metropolitan Detroit area continues to have the most cases. Detroit City has 7136 cases with 475 total deaths; Oakland County has 5576 cases and 392 deaths; Wayne County has had 5408 cases and 409 have died; and Macomb County has 3792 cases with 330 deaths.

Ohio’s 7791 total cases is 27.8 percent of Michigan’s total cases. The state has seen 2237 of its residents hospitalized with COVID-19 and 361 have died.

Lucas County, home of Toledo, has had 596 cases with 240 hospitalized and 28 deaths. Fulton County, just south of the Lenawee County border saw its number of cases rise by one to eight with three hospitalizations.