April 19: Two more cases bring Lenawee County coronavirus count to 64 confirmed cases

Two more cases of COVID-19 were confirmed in Lenawee County residents on the Lenawee County Health Department website Sunday. There are 33 males and 31 females who have had confirmed coronavirus cases, with eight people hospitalized; 31 monitoring symptoms at home; and 25 who have discontinued isolation, the website said. There still have been no confirmed COVID-19 deaths of Lenawee County residents, according to health department reports.

Michigan saw drops in daily cases throughout the weekend with 760 new cases April 17, 768 April 18 and 633 Sunday, April 19. The total cases since records began to be kept add up to 31,424 in Michigan, according to www.michigan.gov’s coronavirus pages. There were 83 deaths reported today, and 81 Saturday after 134 on Friday. All told, 2391 Michigan residents have succumbed to the novel coronavirus ravaging the planet.

Many of those died in the metropolitan Detroit area. As of Sunday, there had been 7604 cases in Detroit City, with 618 fatalities; 6109 cases in Oakland with 471 deaths; 5901 cases in Oakland County with 471 deaths; and 4360 in Macomb County with 391 deaths.

In Ohio, the case count has risen to 11,602 total cases with 471 deaths. Lucas County, just southeast of Lenawee County and home of Toledo, Ohio and suburbs, has 787 cases, 282 hospitalizations and 33 deaths. Fulton County, which had hovered in the single digits now has 17 cases with five hospitalizations and zero deaths.

Over in neighboring Hillsdale County, there have been 90 confirmed cases and 11 deaths. Jackson County has had 248 cases and 10 fatalities; Monroe County has 233 cases and 10 deaths; and Washtenaw County has 870 cases among its residents and 30 have died.

Some of the other metro areas in the state include Kalamazoo County (Kalamazoo) with 166 cases and nine deaths; Kent County (Grand Rapids) has had 503 cases and 25 deaths; and Ingham County (Lansing) with 90 cases and 11 fatalities as of April 19.