April 5, 2020: 31 COVID-19 cases, 0 deaths in Lenawee County

The COVID-19 case count in Lenawee County rose to 31 Sunday, April 5, 2020, from 27 the day previous. There are 16 males and 15 females among the confirmed cases, but at the time of the Lenawee County Health Department reporting – 11:15 a.m. Sunday – there were still no fatalities attributed to the coronavirus in Lenawee County.

Seven of the 31 are hospitalized, according to the county health department, but 23 are monitoring at home, and one has recovered.

In Michigan, Sunday, according to michigan.gov’s coronavirus pages, the state’s confirmed case count rose to 15,718 cases, an increase of 1493. But there is a trend in the increase over the weekend: this figure is lower than Saturday’s new-case count of 1511, and represents a marked drop from Friday’s confirmed case count of 1953. The reason for the decline was not stated and is just reported here statistically.

Deaths increased in Michigan over the weekend to 617 with 77 new deaths. Saturday’s count was 61 deaths with 62 on Friday.

The metro Detroit area’s coronavirus cases continued to climb with 4495 confirmed cases and 158 deaths in Detroit City, 3023 cases in Wayne County with 135 deaths; 3035 in Oakland County with 163 deaths; and 2003 confirmed cases in Macomb County and 83 deaths.

Nearby, Hillsdale County now has 44 confirmed cases with three COVID-19 deaths; Monroe County has 108 cases and no deaths; and Washtenaw County has 518 confirmed cases and eight deaths.

Ohio’s confirmed cases remain far behind those in Michigan at 4043 cases with 1104 hospitalizations and 119 statewide deaths, according to the state’s coronavirus website. The cases and deaths in Detroit City alone exceed the statewide numbers in Ohio.

In Lucas County, which encompasses the Toledo, Ohio, metro area, there are 302 confirmed cases, 63 hospitalizations and eight deaths. Fulton County, directly south of Lenawee County, remains at five cases, two hospitalizations and no deaths attributed to the coronavirus. All statistics were taken from Ohio’s coronavirus website.