April 9: Monroe County reports first COVID-19 death among 165 cases; Lenawee County at 39 cases, 0 deaths

Monroe County’s coronavirus cases, according to www.michigan.gov’s coronavirus statistics, has climbed to 165 Thursday, April 9, from 152 Wednesday, and the virus has claimed the life of its first victim in Monroe area.

Lenawee County is still, on the Lenawee Department of Health website, still reporting 0 deaths, with a three-case increase to 39. Of those 20 are male, 19 female, seven are hospitalized, 27 are monitoring their symptoms at home, and the number who have recovered has increased today to five.

Hillsdale County has now reported six deaths — up two in 24 hours, and its cases rose from 62 Wednesday to 64 Thursdays.

There is a trend developing at the state level, though, with new cases down from 1748 Tuesday to 1376 Wednesday and 1158 today. However, deaths have now broken the 1000-person mark with 1076 fatalities attributed to COVID-19, and 117 new deaths today. There were 118 new deaths Tuesday and 114 Wednesday.

Detroit City confirmed cases rose from 5824 to 6061 with 275 total deaths today; Wayne County has 4032 confirmed cases and 229 total deaths; Oakland is at 4247 confirmed cases in the county with 246 deaths; and Macomb County has 2783 total cases with 165 total deaths.

Washtenaw County has confirmed 637 cases and 15 deaths, an increase of two over the prior day. Jackson County is reporting 131 cases and four deaths.

To the south, Ohio has 5512 total cases with 497 people admitted to ICUs, 1612 hospitalized and 213 deaths.

Lucas County has 403 confirmed cases and 144 hospitalizations and 16 deaths. Fulton County, south of Lenawee County, remains at five cases with two hospitalizations.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer today extended her statewide “Stay-home, stay-safe” order to May 1, 2020. She limited travel, saying people cannot go to their second homes and limiting the people in a household who can run errands.