Blissfield students take the challenge

Challenge Day at Blissfield High School. Copyright 2012, River Raisin Publications, Inc.

By Chad Hutchinson

Blissfield High School students participated in their first Challenge Day on Nov. 14. Challenge Day is an event hosted in an effort to raise awareness and prevention of bullying among students, as well as to raise self-esteem and unity.

“It was a very different experience, but I really liked the way they got us to open up to each other,” BHS senior Dylan Thompson said.

“I was surprised at how many people are going through the exact same things,” senior Miranda Strack added.

BHS students participated in a variety of activities throughout the day that helped them to get to know themselves better, as well as their classmates. The students opened the day with plenty of team-building activities that encouraged plenty of fun and dancing, as well as discussing the life goals the students had set for themselves.

Event organizer and BHS faculty member Louise Keinath said the event really opened her eyes to the magnitude of issues with which the youths of today are faced. “These students are having to deal with some major issues, and often times we as adults don’t think about what’s going on with our young people,” Keinath said.