July 28, 2020: Lenawee County’s coronavirus case count at 331

The Lenawee County Health Department reported a three-case addition since Monday, July 27, to its overall caseload for a total of 331 people who have tested positive for Covid-19 since its first case in March.

Of these, there are 170 females and 161 males. Three are hospitalized, which is a drop of one since Monday, however, 130 people are still monitoring cases at home and 187 people have discontinued isolation. In addition, there are 41 probable cases with 31 females and 10 males, none of whom as hospitaled and only four of whom are still at home monitoring symptoms.

In Michigan today, there were 79,176 total cases with 6,170 deaths since the coronavirus was identified in the state. There were 669 new cases today and 16 deaths, but 11 of those were found through review of records so actually five were recorded today – and one of those was in Jackson County.

In the surround counties, Jackson now reports 613 cases with 32 deaths; Hillsdale has 216 cases and 25 deaths; Monroe has 706 cases and 20 deaths; and Washtenaw, the most populous of Lenawee’s neighboring counties, has 2003 cases and 110 deaths.

In the Lenawee County long-term care facilities, Lenawee County Medical Care Facility has had 10 resident cases and two resident deaths as well as seven staff cases; Lynwood Manor has one patient case, no deaths; Provincial House of Adrian has had three staff cases; and The Oasis at Adrian Rehabilitation facility has had one patient case and one death.

Meanwhile, the summer has not been kind to Ohio. Once reporting a fraction of the cases Michigan has, Ohio reported 86,497 cases Tuesday, surpassing the Michigan case count by 7321 cases. However, its death toll of 3382 is far beyond the Michigan death toll of 6170 – the majority of which were in the metropolitan Detroit area.

Lucas County (Toledo area), Ohio, has had 4305 cases, 723 hospitalizations and 212 deaths just to the southeast of Lenawee County. Directly south, Fulton County, Ohio, has had 127 cases and no deaths; and to the southwest, Williams County, Ohio, has 110 cases and three deaths.

Updated 7-29-2020, 3:25 p.m.