June 5: Fifth coronavirus death reported in Lenawee County

  The fifth Lenawee County fatality from the coronavirus was reported in the Lenawee County Health Department figures Thursday afternoon.
     However, the state figures from Wednesday did prove to be wrong for Lenawee leaving the county at 155 cases today for third day in a row. For several days before that, the total count had been 154 positive cases since the first was confirmed in March.
Those who have had or still have Covid-19 include 79 males and 76 females. Three people are hospitalized at this time, with 27 monitoring their symptoms at home and 120 who have discontinued isolation.
     In addition, there has been no change in the “probable” county cases with 34 total – 12 males and 22 females, none of whom are hospitalized or monitoring their symptoms at home. Thirty-three have been released from isolation.

Meanwhile, Michigan reported 284 new daily cases of the coronavirus and 21 deaths on Friday, June 5.