Koppelman in top three for prestigious science teaching award

By Chad Hutchinson

Blissfield elementary science teacher Gary Koppelman’s hands-on approach to science has him within reach of the Shell Science Teaching Award.

In a combined effort by Shell Oil Company and the National Science Teachers Association, the award is given in recognition of a K-12 educator who has demonstrated an exceptional impact on their students, school and community in the field of science.

Koppelman, a 26-year faculty member of Blissfield schools, is one of two finalists from the state of Michigan and the third hails from Hawaii. Along with the extensive paper work needed to initially be considered, as one of 10 finalists, he was required to submit a 30 minute DVD featuring classroom activities with students that reflected his teaching philosophies, methodologies and expertise in the field of science. After reviewing the submissions, Koppelman was then selected by the judging panel as one of three finalists who will now undergo a visit from the Shell subcommittee this week (Feb. 18-22), before a winner is chosen.

During the visit, the subcommittee will observe Koppelman teach, and will speak with several members of the faculty and staff, community members, and former students.

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