Lenawee County up to five confirmed cases of COVID-19

Lenawee County’s confirmed cases of COVID-19 rose to five as of the 2 p.m. daily posting of state cases Thursday, March 26. As of that point, there had been no deaths in Lenawee County, according to Michigan.gov.

The state of Michigan was reporting 2856 confirmed cases of coronavirus with 60 deaths. Of those 60 deaths, 15 had occurred in Oakland County which had 668 confirmed cases; 15 in the City of Detroit, which had 851 confirmed cases; 11 in Wayne County which had 538 confirmed cases; and 11 in Macomb County which had 347 confirmed cases.

Surrounding Lenawee County there were 82 confirmed cases in Washtenaw County which has had three deaths as of 2 p.m Thursday; with five confirmed cases in Hillsdale County and 21 in Monroe County, neither of which had reported any deaths.

According to figures from the Lenawee County Health Department website, there have been 28 negative tests and 26 tests for coronavirus are pending.