May 6: Lenawee Co. at 114 cases of coronavirus

There have now been a total of 114 cases of the coronavirus and two have died from it in Lenawee County since figures began being kept in March. Tuesday’s total was 110 cases so four new cases have been confirmed.

Of those 62 are males and 52 are females. There are 50 people currently monitoring symptoms at home and 58 have emerged from isolation. Four people remain hospitalized. There have been another 30 people deemed “probable” COVID-19 cases on the Lenawee County Health Department website with 12 males and 18 females. None of these people are hospitalized, but 14 are monitoring symptoms at home and 16 have discontinued isolation.

In the state, there are now 45,054 identified cases via lab tests with 4250 deaths. The daily new case count is 657 with 71 deaths of Michigan residents reported today, up from Tuesday’s death count of 44, which included eight deaths added by a review of death records in the state.

The Detroit area is seeing fewer deaths being added to the total counts. Detroit city rose from 9424 Tuesday to 9536 today with 18 new deaths which brings the total in the city to 1126 today. Wayne County’s total cases rose from 7967 Tuesday to 8035 today and saw 10 new deaths for a total of 847; Oakland County’s total cases rose from 7522 Tuesday 7573 today with two new deaths for a total of 774; and Macomb County’s total cases rose from 5789 to 5832 today and added 15 deaths for a total of 662 today.

Lenawee County’s neighbor counties are reporting the following numbers: Hillsdale County up from 137 to 138 and the death toll remains at 21; Monroe County up from 327 to 354 with two more deaths for a total of 15; Washtenaw County added only six new cases for 1129 with 77 deaths (one death added in 24 hours).

In Ohio, the total is now 21,576, up from 20,969 Tuesday. There have been 4052 hospitalizations and 1225 deaths, up from 1135 Tuesday.

In Lucas County (Toledo area), there are now 1527 cases with 450 hospitalizations and 151 deaths, up from 133 Tuesday.

Fulton County has seen a case uptick to 30 cases with six hospitalizations and no deaths.

Lenawee County is in Region I of Michigan which is the lower center slice of the state. Its testing on May 4 showed only 3.8 percent of tests given to be positive (32 of 836). This is reflective of a steady decline of the percentage of positive tests. The Detroit area is running around 9 percent positive right now, according to which also shows Region I having reduced daily cases as May gets underway. Those were adjusted today, but here’s what was reported for the multi-county Region I: May 5, 7; May 4, 26; May 3, 16; May 2, 23; May 1, 12; April 30, 32; April 29, 27; April 26, 37.