More than 100 run the Hot-Cha-Cha 5K

The second annual Hot-Cha-Cha 5K Mug Run the evening of Dec. 13

Hot-Cha-Cha 5K Mug Run participants prepare for the start of the race Dec. 13.
Copyright 2013, River Raisin Publications, Inc./Melissa Burnor

featured more than 100 participants who braved the cold with festive spirits to help benefit the Miss River Raisin Festival Scholarship Program. This year’s overall winner and overall male winner was Justin Bateson, of Blissfield, with a time of 16:32. The overall female winner was Dr. Josephine Weeden, of Saline, with a time of 19:21. The winning holiday costume worn in the race went to the fleet-footed Christmas tree, Domingo Valadez. The top two finishers for each age group are as follows. Female 6-12: Megan Weidmayer 26:52, Lily Fojtik 29:24; Male 6-12: Dylan Glase 27:07, Simon Pettit 29:21; Female 13-15: Keelie Cairo 25:48, Sarah Weidmayer 25:49; Male 16-20: Tyler Schmidt 17:03, David Wolfe 28:22; Female 16-20: Christy Weidmayer 26:18; Female 21-35: Sarah Temby 21:31, Jenny Carmichael 21:42; Male 21-35: Aaron Alisorghali 17:25, Alex Williams 19:48; Female 36-49: Denise Dashner 25:44, Kari Bateson 26:47; Male 36-49: Sean Savage 18:47, David Rincon 23:40; Female 50-59: Melody Carmichael 24:16, Pattie Rapp 24:30; Male 50-59: Bob Bridges 19:19, Ed Masta 20:14; Female 60-69: Mary Steinhauser 34:57, Linda Baker 44:29; Male 60-69: Fred LaPlante 23:14, John Furchak 30:00; Female 70-plus: Gretchen Warwick 41:00; Male 70-plus: Dennis Scott 36:37, Harrison Hensley 37:28.

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