River Raisin floodwaters receding

As the River Raisin continues to recede remnants of the flood still remain. As of 3:30 a.m. Thursday the river was still about 3.5 inches above its banks in Blissfield, according to readings reported by the National Weather Service. It is predicted the river will drop another eight inches by 6 p.m. today. Several large logs still remain near the U.S. 223 bridge with one very large log that appears to be approximately three feet in diameter wedged along the south side of the bridge. The current reading available of the river puts it at 682.3 feet above sea level.

Michigan Department of Transportation spokesperson Kari Arend said motorists can expect the bridge to remain at two lanes for at least two days.

“The water has to recede enough for us to get under and inspect the bridge,’ she said.

The north side of the bridge especially needs a thorough inspection according to Arend.

MDOT opened up just two lanes of the four-lane bridge Tuesday on the south side only with one lane for both eastbound and westbound traffic.

By police order, Bachmayer and Ellis parks remain closed until further notice. Blissfield Police Chief Dale Greenleaf said even though the water is receding it does not mean the parks are fit to use.

“Everything needs to be washed down and decontaminated,” he said. Equipment and structures need to be inspected.

Greenleaf said the park is closed to vehicles and pedestrians as long as the police lines are across the entrances.

“We will move as quickly as we can,” he said to reopen the facilities.

Arend echoed the same sentiment for the bridge.

“We are at the mercy of Mother Nature,” Arend said.