Summer sweet for corn

Nothing says the summer season in Michigan like corn stalks on both sides of the road during the morning commute. Michigan is known for its delicious home-grown produce and though planting and picking season may be running a hair behind schedule, area farmers and businesses say they believe corn is at great numbers this year.

One popular local producer, Salenbien Farms, located out on Crockett Highway, just off of U.S. 223 has been farming the same land for nearly 60 years. The seasonal stand, which has been open for business since 1972, can be seen on the side of the road each summer and fall seasons. According to Harvey Salenbien, the family-run farm does excellent work during the summer months, especially with sweet corn. Salenbien said this year’s crop of sweet corn is one of the best he can remember.

“It’s later this year than normal, but it’s going to be good,” he said. “It’s always good.”

Another local farming business that is seeing good potential in this year’s sweet corn crop is J and B farms, located out on Weston Road. Sell, agrees with Salenbien, that the crop production, especially sweet corn, will be really good this year.

Reed Farms is expecting to see sweet corn this week, and Dusseau’s Farm Market is already stocking that good ole’ sweet summertime favorite.

Sweet corn is starting to become available locally, but a little later than usual. (Copyright 2014, River Raisin Publications, Inc.)