‘Take a seat’ for new Blissfield downtown restrooms

Constructing bathrooms in the downtown business district is more than about convenience for retailers. According to acting DDA/Main Street Manager Denise Adams it is part of a long-range vision of making sure the village and the downtown is a destination location for shoppers, eaters, parade and event go-ers and for any other reason people can utilize the downtown.
Adams said this project has been taken on by the DDA/Main Street board and as part of the fundraising effort they have organized the Take A Seat for Blissfield event from 5-7:30 p.m. this Saturday.
Saturday’s family-friendly event has a lot of fun activities planned. First there will be a decorated toilet-seat judging contest. Twenty-seven area businesses have agreed to participate. Already businesses have begun or completed the decoration of a toilet seat that will be displayed in their business this week as part of the “Game of Thrones contest. People can view the seats all week and again Saturday and vote for their favorite one Saturday evening. In each businesses there is also a donation canister for funds in case people would like to contribute and cannot attend Saturday’s event. The toilet seats will be available for viewing downtown Saturday afternoon on the fence on the east side of Lane Street and people can vote for their favorite toilet seat by purchasing tickets and casting them as votes.
There will also be some children’s games including a game to fish for goldfish for a chance to win a real gold fish and “Find the Nugget” a pudding eating contest where contestants have to fine the hidden chocolate treat, and cornhole will be offered.
There will be music and cornhole games will be available to play.
Adams said many retail businesses and restaurants will offer specials on certain items or certain food items and 30 percent of the profit will aid the endeavor.
For the complete story on this and Adams’ appointment as interim DDA/Main Street manager, please see the Sept. 16, 2015, edition of The Advance.