Whiteford vs Summerfield for homecoming

Whiteford Agricultural HIgh School celebrates “The Seven Wonders of the World, Old and New” this Friday night during homecoming. The varsity football team will play the Summerfield Bulldogs. One of three seniors will be crowned homecoming queen at halftime, while the homecoming king is crowned at the dance Saturday evening at Whiteford High School. Each class will make a float that will be part of the homecoming activities Friday, and also participates in spirit week with each grade getting a turn to decorate and wear their class-specific homecoming T-shirt. Pictured are members of the homecoming court. They are, from left, freshman, Chelsea Zak, junior Brandi Barton, senior queen candidate Rachel Fisher and sophomore Camryn Long; back row, freshman Jesse Kiefer, junior Jonathan DuPree, senior king candidates, Zach Perry, Chris Sims and Keith Anthony; and sophomore Maximillian Bergen. Missing are senior queen candidates Kaitlin Anthony and Jordyn Clark who are acting as counselors for Whiteford’s fifth grade camp this week.