Who votes where and for what on Aug. 6?

By Melissa Burnor

Most likely voters will only have one ballot issue on their ballot when they go to the polls Tuesday. Voters in the Blissfield School District will choose whether to approve a 1.25-mill sinking fund millage request. Other voters will decide a .6 mill levy to fund the newly formed Lenawee District Library. Both tax levies are for a period of 10 years.

For the most part, residents of the Blissfield School District are not part of the Lenawee County Library District. All of these residents in Blissfield, Ogden and Riga Townships and a portion of Palmyra Township are served by the Schultz Holmes Memorial Library in Blissfield and are not part of the Lenawee County Library District. About 40 residents in Deerfield Township reside within the boundaries of the Blissfield Community School District but are also considered part of the Lenawee County Library District, Deerfield Township clerk Shirley Soldwish said.

“It is a little confusing,” Lenawee County clerk Roxanne Holloway said.

Copyright 2013, River Raisin Publications, Inc. For the complete story on the two millage requests and polling places, please pick up the July 31, 2013, edition of The Advance which has in-depth stories on both millages, the polling places and a map of the new library district at the heart of the library district millage issue.