Youth charged as juvenile with threat of terrorism after alleged Blissfield threat

Even though a threat made by a teen to do harm to Blissfield High School students through a post on a computer app that was received in an email by the superintendent was found not to be credible Wednesday, Feb. 11, police and prosecutors are taking his actions seriously.

The youth, who has not been identified by authorities, was formally charged in Lenawee County Probate Court, that handles juvenile matters, with a single count of threat of terrorism.

Blissfield Interim Superintendent David Pray received an email from the After School App officials and read it early Wednesday morning that informed the school of the post on their program which alleged violence against students.

Blissfield Village Police were called and protocols were put into place early on to assure student safety.

Pray said by the time the school was aware of the potential threat, many students were already in transit to school for the day.

Blissfield Police Chief Dale Greenleaf said the youth, who police identified as allegedly making the threat, was detained Wednesday afternoon and lodged later that day at the Maurice Spear Campus.

Greenleaf had requested extra police presence from the Michigan State Police and Lenawee County Sheriff’s office for the remainder of the week. Pray said the patrols remained in effect through the end of the week even though the particular threat was found to be untrue.

A future court date for the youth was unavailable.

“I am convinced that the child had no intent or means to carry out the threat, but there is no question he made the threat,” Greenleaf said.