April 10: Lenawee County sees seven COVID-19 recoveries of 39 cases

The Good Friday report on local coronavirus cases held some good news Friday for Lenawee County.
In fact, the trend began Thursday, April 9, when five recoveries replaced the three that had been reported up until that time this week, and continued Friday with seven Lenawee County residents deemed recovered from COVID-19, representing 18 percent of the people who have been confirmed to having had coronavirus locally, according to Lenawee County Health Department reports.
There are still 39 reported cases in the county overall since testing began, the same number as Thursday, with 20 males and 19 females having been confirmed locally. But the number of hospitalizations also declined from seven to six today representing 15 percent of confirmed cases, with 26 people monitoring symptoms at home (67 percent) also down from 27 Thursday, according to the health department.
At that point, no deaths have been confirmed associated with the coronavirus in Lenawee County, per the health departments website.
But statewide, the coronavirus page for michigan.gov, showed the trend that had been seen in a daily decline of new cases in Michigan turned around with an uptick from 1158 new cases Thursday to 1279 Friday. The state had seen a three-day trend downward from Tuesday-Thursday.
Friday was a deadly day in Michigan with 205 statewide daily deaths, as opposed to 117 Thursday, per michigan.gov. Overall, 1281 Michigan residents have died, a rise from 1076 Thursday.
Hillsdale County's confirmed case count increased from 64 Thursday to 70 Friday.
Monroe County had its deadliest day today adding three to the previous death toll of one, and a total of four who have died in Monroe County. Its confirmed cases rose from 165 Thursday to 174 Friday.
Lenawee County neighbor Washtenaw County now tallies 659 confirmed cases and 15 deaths, while Jackson County, next door, reports 140 confirmed cases and four resident deaths.
Detroit City continues to have the most case with 6218 and 327 deaths as of Friday, followed by Oakland County with 4511 confirmed cases and 282 deaths; Wayne County with 4321 confirmed cases and 282 deaths, the same as Oakland at this point. Macomb County in the metro area has 2973 confirmed cases and 197 in Macomb County. All these Michigan figures came from www.michigan.gov after the 3 p.m. Friday posting.
In Ohio, the number of confirmed cases had risen from 5512 Thursday to 5878 Friday on the Ohio state coronavirus website; hospitalizations statewide in ohio from 1612 to 1755; deaths from 213 to 231. Lucas County, where Toledo is located, has seen its confirmed cases rise from Thursday at 403 to 443 Friday, and its death count rise from 16 Thursday to 20 on Friday while hospitalizations rose from 144 to 172.
Fulton County, directly south of Lenawee County, remains at five confirmed cases and two hospitalizations, per the Ohio COVID-19 state website.