April 12: Easter sees another increase in Lenawee County COVID-19 cases

Easter arrived in Lenawee County finding still no local deaths confirmed as being caused by the coronavirus pandemic and residents worshipping during the Christian holiday in front of their computer screens. Many churches offered online options for Holy Week ceremonies.

Lenawee County released counts of 44 COVID-19 cases on Saturday, April 11, then 48 confirmed cases on Easter Sunday. However, the state of Michigan was reporting 47 confirmed cases in Lenawee as of its 3 p.m. Sunday report. There were no explanations for the discrepancy on the Lenawee County Health Department or michigan.gov’s coronavirus statistics pages.

The county health department said there are 25 males and 23 female residents who have been confirmed to have COVID-19 with six still hospitalized, 35 monitoring at home and seven residents recovered as of Easter Sunday.

In Michigan, there were some very positive numbers in the daily cases reported – 645 (down from 1392 on April 11) – and daily deaths with 95 on Sunday, down from 111 on Saturday. However, on the state coronavirus page there were asterisks on these two statistics and a note that they “may reflect a reduction in the amount of laboratory testing performed” over the weekend and Easter holiday. The site stated that there had been drops on the confirmations the past three weekends ranging from three to 25 percent, but an increase when the work week resumed.

The state reported 24,638 confirmed cases with 1487 total deaths to date.

The Detroit metropolitan area continues to lead the state in cases and death toll as follows: Detroit City has reported 6502 confirmed cases and 368 deaths; Oakland County has had 4915 confirmed cases and 329 deaths; Wayne County has had 4662 confirmed cases and 336 deaths; and Macomb County has had 3254 cases and 217 deaths.

Surrounding Lenawee County, Monroe County is up to 183 confirmed cases and six deaths; Washtenaw has 716 and 18 deaths; Hillsdale County has 75 cases and six deaths; and Jackson County has had 152 cases and four deaths.

Over the Michigan line, Fulton County has had seven cases and two hospitalizations but no deaths. Lucas County, home of Toledo, is second in deaths only to Cuyahoga County with 21 deaths. It is up to 503 cases with 208 hospitalizations. Ohio, overall, remains far behind Michigan wth 6604 total COVID-19 confirmed cases, 1947 people hospitalized; and 253 total deaths.