April 24: Lenawee County coronavirus count holds at 80, 0 deaths

Lenawee County had 80 cases of the coronavirus since statistics began being kept as of Thursday, April 23, per michigan.gov. That number did not change at the state level and 80 was the number on the Lenawee County Health Department’s website Friday as well.

There are now 43 males who have been confirmed with COVID-19 and 37 females. The hospitalization rate dropped by one to six, and the number of those monitoring symptoms at home rose by one to 44. There are 30 people now who have discontinued isolation, according to the health department report.

There are also 12 “probable” cases in the county consisting of six males and six females. None of the “probable” cases are hospitalized, but seven are monitoring their symptoms at home and five have discontinued their isolation period.

Officially, no one has died in Lenawee County of the coronavirus.

Michigan’s number of cases has risen to 36,641 with 3089 deaths attributed to COVID-19. This is the first day the death toll exceeded the 3,000 mark. The new daily cases added totaled 1350 today and the new deaths added totaled 108.

Among neighboring counties, Hillsdale County saw a major increase in cases from 98 to 109 – an 11-case addition in 24 hours. Deaths, however, remained at 12. Jackson County also saw a sizeable increase in cases — 15 from 298 to 313 in the past 24 hours. There was one more death added for a total of 15. Monroe County’s count rose from 255 to 262, and one more person has died from that county for a total of 11 Monroe County residents’ lives lost.

In Washtenaw County, the case count rose from 960 Thursday to 974 Friday, and the death toll increased from 42-47.

Just over the state line, Ohio’s case count has increased to 15, 169 including 588 “probable” cases; with 690 total deaths, 41 of which are listed as “probable” under the “CDC expanded death definition,” according to the state of Ohio’s COVID-19 website.

Lucas County, home of Toledo, now has 985 cases (up from 936 Thursday) with 365 hospitalizations (up from 347), and 58 deaths, up from 55 Thursday. In Fulton County, just south of Lenawee, the case count holds at 19 with five hospitalizations and no deaths.