April 28: Lenawee has 88 coronavirus cases; one death

After reporting that Lenawee County’s first death from the coronavirus had occurred Monday in a 31-year-old woman, the Lenawee County Health Department reported Tuesday, April 28, that there were now 88 confirmed COVID-19 cases and another 18 probable cases in the county.

Of the confirmed cases, 47 are males, 41 are females. Two are hospitalized – one of the lowest hospitalization rates in weeks – and 45 people are monitoring their symptoms at home. All told, 40 people have discontinued isolation and are improving, the health department reported.

Of those deemed probables, 10 are males, eight are females and none of the probable case patients are hospitalized. Twelve are monitoring symptoms at home and six people with probable cases of coronavirus have discontinued their isolation process as of Tuesday.

Statewide, there were 160 deaths reported Tuesday on www.michigan.gov, which includes 40 deaths added after a review of death certificates by the Michigan Disease Surveillance System. Overall, there have been 39,262 confirmed cases in Michigan with 3567 deaths. The daily new-case count of 1052 was an increase from the past few days.

Surrounding counties are reporting the following cases and death tolls: Hillsdale 118 (up four) and 16 deaths; Jackson 342 (up one) and 18 deaths; Monroe, 277 (up two) and 12 deaths; and Washtenaw, 1033 (up 29) and 56 deaths (up one).

The number of deaths increased by the following numbers in the hard-hit metropolitan Detroit area: Wayne County up 18; Detroit City, up 38; Oakland County, up 24; and Macomb County, up 45.

In Ohio, the total case count of 16,769 includes 641 probable cases as designated by the CDC’s expanded definition, with 3340 hospitalizations, and 799 deaths, 42 of which were included by the expanded CDC definition.

Lucas County, home of Toledo, Ohio, is reporting 1166 cases since numbers began to be kept with 388 hospitalizations. The Ohio coronavirus website reported 66 deaths in Lucas County on that date. Fulton County, which stood at 19 cases for several days, has added one case and still has had five of its residents hospitalized with COVID-19.