Code-Red weather/notification system explained Thursday

At 10 a.m. Thursday, March 7, the Emergency Communications Network in cooperation with the Lenawee County Office of Emergency Management will be calling residents across the county as a means of informing them of the Code-Red Severe weather and mass notifications system. Lenawee Emergency Management Coordinator urged residents to take time to listen to the two-minute message explaining the system and most importantly how they can register for this free service. The mass notification feature is a new addition to the severe weather notification service that has been available to residents for the past two years. The mass notification system can send timely information to a targeted area of the county when an upset condition or an emergency exists which may threaten the safety and welfare of the residents such as hazardous materials incidents or spills, pipeline emergencies, missing persons and emergency law enforcement actions requiring rapid notifications of area residents.

For more on the Code-Red severe weather as well as the mass notification system  go to