Johnson extended as BD superintendent; recall petition possible, says citizen

By Melissa Burnor

The Britton Deerfield board of education made a commitment to extend interim superintendent Stacy Johnson  in that capacity through the end of June 2017 at the Feb. 11 board of education meeting.
Although not on the agenda of he board president called for a motion to add the year onto the interim position as well as hire retired teacher Marie Waterbury to take on a lion’s share of the middle school and Deerfield elementary principal duties. Waterbury came back to the distinct this year and is working as the Deerfield building’s school success coach.
Johnson offered her services to the district through the end of the 2016-17 school year. She was appointed interim superintendent in December for the remainder of the school year after the abrupt retirement of Charles Pelham. She is also still the principal of the Deerfield building that houses the middle school and one of the elementary schools in the district.
For the complete story, please see the Feb. 17, 2016, edition of The Advance.

Meanwhile, in a separate story in the Feb. 17, 2016, edition of The Advance

Decisions made at the Feb. 11 Britton Deerfield School board meeting has added to the concerns of at least one community member.
Tom Lopez, who has attended several board meetings in the past few months, said he is concerned about some of what he believes are hasty or possibly predetermined decisions the board has made.
He said that he has more of a problem with the way the board made the decision to  keep Stacy Johnson on as interim superintendent more than the decision itself.
“It seemed predetermined,” Lopez said of at he decision. The item was not on the agenda and there was not enough discussion about it, according to Lopez.
He said he is concerned about the board; concerns that he said are shared by other members of the community that are meeting on Thursday evenings. He sent an email to the members of the board on Friday stating that he intends to file a petition of recall for lack of confidence in their ability to be forthright.
Lopez said Monday he has gone as far as to get the information from the Lenawee County Clerk on the recall process.

The complete story is in the Feb. 17 Advance.