Lenawee County Sheriff’s Office gives anti-scam tips in wake of coronavirus threat

ADRIAN ‐ The Lenawee County Sheriff’s Office has seen an increase of scams and many have asked for information, we have put together a “What Not to Do” list:

  1. Never give out any personal or banking account information to anyone that contacts you asking for the information.
  2. Never pay by Apple Cards, I-Tune Cards, Green Dot Cards or any type of payment cards. Businesses and the government do not except this type of payment. This is a type of payment used by scammers.
  3. Never give out or confirm your personal or banking information to anyone that calls you. If they are someone you have a valid account with they already have the information.
  4. Never trust your phones caller identification display, scammers can make the identification say anything.
  5. Never trust your email header you receive it may not be the person or institution the email says it is.
  6. ONLY give personal information to someone you called and you know the number you called is for that business.

DO NOT believe everything you see or read on Facebook or Social Media accounts. Scams are on the increase because the world is in crisis. With the virus on the increase, scammers are stepping up their calls. Remember if you get a call saying you owe money or they are asking for donations, hang up and call the business that is calling you to confirm they called you. Consider donations to local chapters to insure the donation goes to the cause.

For information on current scams do to: https://www.michigan.gov/ag/0,4534,7-359-81903_20942-514663–,00.html