Lenawee County gives ProMedica, fire/EMS update

News release from Lenawee County March 20, 2020

ADRIAN – Promedica Health Systems will continue to take steps to keep the residents of Lenawee County updated on their local hospitals.
Visitors and employees will be screened at all open entrances for fever over 100.5 degrees and/or cough or respiratory symptoms. If the visitor fails this screening they will not be allowed in the facility in an effort to protect our patients and staff. Visitors and employees that fail screening will be advised to contact their physician or given an information sheet that gives phone numbers to contact ProMedica Health Systems for screening information. ProMedica Health Systems screening line is (419) 291-5355
The Grace Christman entrance will be open for screening 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekdays. On weekends it will only be open for employees from 6-8 a.m.
Personal Protective Equipment – As with all medical care facilities throughout the United States, there are limited supplies of Personal Protective Equipment. If you will be a visitor in any of the ProMedica facilities you will be asked to only take one mask for your visit.

The Fire and EMS agencies are at normal response levels, and available should someone need to call 911.
If you should have any Fire or EMS related questions or concerns please direct them to Ryan Rank – Lenawee County Fire Chief’s President at rrank@madisontwp.com or by calling 517-265-6560, ext. 301.