May 14: Lenawee County records third COVID-19 death

The third person from Lenawee County to die of the coronavirus has been reported by the Lenawee County Health Department today. The number of total cases also rose by three to 132 with 71 males and 61 females affected. Three are hospitalized at this time and 43 are monitoring their symptoms from home, but the number of those who have discontinued isolation is now 83 people.

The death rate in Lenawee is two percent with the latest fatality.

There are also 33 probable cases, not proven by a lab test, representing 15 males and 18 females. None of these people are hospitalized with 13 monitoring their symptoms at home and 20 who have discontinued isolation.

Michigan has now confirmed 49,582 cases of COVID-19 with 4787 deaths attributed to the virus. There was an upswing in daily cases to 1191, and 73 deaths which had an asterisk indicating in past weeks that other deaths had been swept into the figure after a review of death certificates, but for the first time the number of those added deaths was not specified.

In the surrounding area, Hillsdale County has had 155 (three new) cases with 22 deaths, Jackson County added six cases (411 total) with 26 deaths; Monroe County has 11 new cases (411 total) and remains at 18 deaths; and Washtenaw County has had 1231 cases (21 new) and three new deaths for a total of 86.

Detroit City has gone over the 10,000 mark – the highest in the state – with 10,164 cases adding 191 cases on this day with 1236 deaths – 18 new; Wayne County is reporting 8606 cases – 190 new – and 947 deaths, nine additional; Oakland County’s case count has risen to 7952 – 122 added cases today – with 888 deaths, up 14 from Wednesday; and Macomb County has 6232 cases – an increase of 95 cases – with 11 new deaths reported.

The added case rate may reflect more vigorous testing as the death number remains flatter. The most recent date of testing reported on is May 12, which showed the second-highest test total in Region I, which includes Lenawee County, of 1258, 43 of which were positive, 1215 negative for a 3.4 percent rate. The May 11 testing had 22 positive cases and a 2.1 percent positive rate. The May 10 testing had 24 positive cases for a 2.9 percent rate. The highest testing date was May 6 in Region I with 1518 total tests, 65 of which were positive for a 4.3 percent rate.

Statewide,’s coronavirus page reports a positive testing rate of 6.1 percent with 867 positive tests versus 13, 375 negatives on May 12. This is the highest overall date of testing in Michigan with 14,242 total tests reported for the May 12 date.

In Ohio today, there are now 26,357 total cases including 1557 probables under the CDC expanded case definition. There were 636 new cases in Ohio the past 24 hours. Of the 1534 total deaths, 146 are included under the CDC’s expanded death definition for COVID-19. And 4718 have been hospitalized.

Lucas County, home of Toledo, has dropped to the sixth highest county as far as coronavirus cases with a total of 1883, 505 hospitalizations and 195 deaths.