May 19: Lenawee County at 139 coronavirus cases

Lenawee County’s coronavirus case count rose by three to 139 today, a number representing 73 males, 66 females and three hospitalizations – an increase of one since Monday. There are 39 people monitoring their symptoms at home with 94 who have discontinued isolation, or 68 percent of the positive cases since the tally began in March.

Three people have died in Lenawee. There are also 32 “probable” cases – 12 men and 20 women, none of whom are hospitalized. Eleven of the “probable” cases are monitoring their symptoms from home, but 21 or 66 percent of these cases have discontinued isoltion.

Statewide, after 24 deaths Monday, May 18, the count rose today to 102, but included 43 deaths swept into the daily count from a review of death certificates which leaves 59 new deaths that actually occurred in the past 24 hours.

There are now 52,350 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Michigan and the number of deaths has topped the 5000-mark at 5017 total.

In neighboring counties, Hillsdale County has 165 cases with 24 deaths, an increase of one fatality. However, Jackson, Monroe and Washtenaw held their death counts at 26, 18 and 89 respectively over the past 24 hours. Jackson County saw a three-case rise, Monroe held at 433 cases, and Washtenaw saw six new cases today.

In the area hardest-hit by COVID-19, Wayne County has 8875 cases and 999 deaths; Oakland County has 8078 cases and 928 deaths; Macomb County has 6367 cases and 753 deaths; and Detroit City had 10417 cases and 1276 deaths.

The only other county with triple-digit deaths is Genesee County which has seen 235 of its residents die among 1898 cases. Kent County has 1000 more cases, but one quarter the death toll with 58 deaths among 2934 cases as of today.

In Ohio, today’s case count was 28,952 which includes 1846 probable cases per the CDC expanded definition. Ohio has seen 1720 of its residents die of the coronavirus, with 164 of those deaths deemed probable under the CDC expanded definition of the virus.

Lucas County, home of Toledo, Ohio, stands at the brink of 2000 cases today (1999) with 531 hospitalizations and 209 deaths. Fulton County, to the south of Lenawee County and Williams County to the southwest of Lenawee are reporting 35 cases, six hospitalizations and no deaths, then 47 cases, four hospitalizations and one death respectively, but there was no increase in the past 24 hours in either county. Ohio is in the process of opening its businesses again.

Lenawee is part of nine-county Region I which had 40 positive tests and 997 negatives among its citizenry Sunday for a 3.9 percent rate. Statewise, there were 1275 positives and 12,264 negatives that same day for a rate of 9.4 percent.