May 21: River crests; COVID-19 numbers pretty consistent in Lenawee County

The River Raisin crested after flooding the Bachmayer-Ellis Parks in Blissfield Village and property all along the winding waterway. Although the coronavirus numbers didn’t decline in Lenawee County, they did hold fairly steady.

The Lenawee County Health Department reported 141 total county cases since the stats began being kept, but the state, by 3 p.m., reported 142 cases for the county. There are 74 males and 67 females, with still three hospitalizations. The health department says there are 38 people monitoring symptoms at home with 97 who have completed isolation, for 69 percent of the total cases. Three county residents have died of COVID-19.

In addition, the probable cases number 32, same as Wednesday and the breakdown has not changed either.

Statewide, there are now 53,510 total caes with 5129 deaths. The new daily cases number 501 today as testing ramps up statewide. There were 69 deaths, 31 of which are older deaths that have been swept into the state count after a review of death certificates. That means the true new deaths in the last 24 hours is 38.

Testing showed 4.7 percent of the tests were positive in nine-county Region I, of which Lenawee County is a part, on May 19, the most recent date of testing with 97 positive and 1975 negatives. The prior day’s testing showed 3.6 percent of the tests were positive. Statewide, testing on May 19 revealed 6.6 percent of the tests to be positive, 1217 positive with 17,142 negative.

In Ohio, there are now 30,167 cases including 1993 probable cases included under CDC’s expanded definition. There are 5295 hospitalizations in Ohio with 1836 deaths, including 178 deaths included via the CDC expanded definition of COVID-19 deaths.

Lucas County (Toledo area) is reporting 2056 total cases with 546 hospitalizations and 219 deaths. Williams and Fulton County have not seen an expansion of their caseload in the past 24 hours and are located directly south of Lenawee County.

Neighboring Michigan counties of Hillsdale, Jackson and Monroe saw no new deaths in the last 24 hours, with one new case in Hillsdale County and four each in Jackson and Monroe. Washtenaw now has 1265 total cases and 95 deaths.