May 27: Fourth Lenawee County resident dies of COVID-19

The Lenawee County Health Department, as of its 2:30 online daily report, confirmed the fourth Lenawee County death of the coronavirus.

With 147 confirmed cases (up one in 24 hours), now, the fatality rate in the county is now 3 percent with this most recent death. Of those confirmed cases were 76 males and 71 females. As of today, two county residents are hospitalized (1 percent) and 31 people (21 percent) are still monitoring their symptoms at home.

However, the number of county residents who have discontinued their isolation is now 110 – an increase of seven over Tuesday – and representative of 75 percent of the county’s caseload.

In addition, there are 33 probable cases – 12 males and 21 females, but none are hospitalized. Six are monitoring their symptoms at home and 27 have discontinued their isolation periods.

Lenawee County is part of Region I in Michigan which continues to show low positive vs negative testing rates. The most recent posted testing on showed 3.4 percent positive rate (315 positive, 8881 negative) on May 25 and 3.3 percent on May 24.

In neighboring areas, Hillsdale County has 169 cases, which is actually one less than was indicated in the Tuesday figures on, and holding at 24 fatalities; Jackson County added one new case to 439, remaining at 26 deaths; Monroe County had no uptick in cases or deaths, standing at 464 cases and 19 deaths; and Washtenaw added four cases to 1305 and one death in the last 24 hours for 97 total.

In Ohio, Fulton County added one case for 36 cases, six hospitalizations and no deaths. Williams County has 52 cases, but added a hospitalization for five total and one death. Toledo (Lucas County) saw its case number rise to 2162 with 10 new cases, 551 hospitalizations (one new) and 233 deaths (four additional in the past 24 hours). Overall, Michigan has 33,439 cases which includes 2248 probable cases, 2044 deaths (42 new) with 202 deaths deemed probable COVID-19 deaths under the expanded CDC definition; and 5700 hospitalizations, a drop of 79 over the prior day.

Michigan now has 55,608 total cases, 5334 deaths, 504 new cases (123 of which are from Detroit City, Macomb, Oakland and Wayne counties), and 68 deaths, 14 of which were added after a review of death certificates for 54 actual deaths in 24 hours, 43 of which came from the three metro Detroit counties and City of Detroit, with 11 others coming from around the state – one of them being the Lenawee County person who died.